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Specializing in the Collection of Delinquent Accounts Nationwide
Putting all your efforts in making your business grow, seeking new clients and delivering the best service that you can, it can be exhausting and burdensome to follow up on delinquent accounts. Yet, no business is without them. Also, you cannot afford to ignore them because the losses will add up to a substantial amount in time.

This is where Fontenot Parker & Associates can help.

We at Fontenot Parker & Associates, Inc. have helped professionals recover pending payments on a vast variety of commercial accounts all across the country. We are specially trained in this and we always deliver the best results within the shortest possible time. So, if you have commercial delinquent accounts, consult us today instead of trying to deal with this difficult and time consuming issue by yourself.
Fontenot Parker & Associates starts debt collection efforts immediately. If you have any information such as an e-mail address, the demand letters are e-mailed to the debtor as well as mailed via US postal service. We fully investigate the debtor to determine if it is a corporation, partnership or sole-proprietor. This helps us determine who to contact, when and where. If we find that the debtor is not a corporation, we immediately try and locate a home address, social security number and other information on the owner.  This is a timely process, and we are willing to put in the time it takes for you to receive the compensation that you deserve.
•No Collection, No Fee!

•10-day free demand service

•Pre-collection services

•Nationwide coverage

•Attorney forwarding

•Judgment Enforcement

•Professional Skip-tracing

•Fully Licensed and Bonded
Collection of Delinquent Accounts Nationwide
When It Is Time To Collect
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